Charging At Home

A:  In some cases, but it depends if the manufacturer of the charging station produces that plug-in connection for the type of dryer outlet you have. There are over 12 different dryer outlet configurations. You should consult a licensed electrician.

A:  Rebates and incentives are constantly changing. Please reach out to us when you are ready to purchase.

A:  Complete our “Home Charger Installation” form, hit submit and that is, it is that EASY! The form will provide us with your contact information and what is needed for us to provide you an accurate estimate.

A:  Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you plug in your vehicle any time you are parked. This allows you to maximize your range as well as the life of the battery. However, for daily driving to and from work, shopping, etc. it is not necessary. With a home charger you can avoid public charging stations, their cost, for lower at home rates that may include time-of-use rates during off-peak hours.

A:  Each installation is unique and varies among customers. The national average ranges from $500- $2,500, and is influenced by the factors such as the age of your home, the location of your charging station, utility involvement, permitting costs, etc. Fill out our Home Charger Installation request form to get your free customized quote today.

A:  The best way to answer this question is to provide our office with information on your home electrical panel. You can upload pictures on our web site. We have qualified electrician to evaluate your home including doing a load calculation. 

A:  That entirely depends on how much you drive and the mileage that your EV (Electric Vehicles) has. Generally, estimates for an average driver are $30 per month with home charging.

A:  Most car batteries can be fully recharged using a Level 2 home charging station in as little as 2-3 hours but from empty this may take 5-6 hours.

A:  There are hundreds of charging stations available on the market today. You rely on us, our knowledge, and expertise to recommend an appropriate charger. You have just spent thousands of dollars on an EV, cutting corners on your EV charger is not something you should do. Consider quality, speed, reliability, service, and obsolescence.

A:  Licensed electricians are qualified to install a charger. However, chargers and EVs (Electric Vehicles) are new, and experience in this area is important for an effective installation. Consider that when it comes to electric appliances, car chargers are unique. When you plug in your car the charger will be drawing the maximum power available for many hours. This type of continuous load requires a specialized design to provide optimal performance and long-term reliability.

A:  90% of charging happens at home. Home chargers offer extremely fast charging times, up to 10 times faster, as opposed to a regular 120V outlet. Freedom to drive anywhere at any time without being concerned with finding a commercial charging station. Imagine the safety, reliability, and convenience of having your own personal fueling station in your garage.

Commercial Charging

A: Yes, they provide a standard vehicle connector acceptable on all vehicles in North America. However, some commercial charging stations are Level 3, or DC, type stations. In this case some older EV or those without a DC connection port will not be able to us a Level 3 charger.

A: Incentive programs are available but change often. Please call our office to get more information.

A:  There are many reasons to install chargers in an apartment or condominium such as: doing your part to help the environment, enhance the value of your property, attracting new owners/tenants, meet the demand from existing owners/tenants. Finding the right partner to work with is a key. Ensure they are qualified and have programs that help you manage the cost and administration challenges that come with installing chargers in an apartment or condominium building.

A:  Fortunately, many of today’s charging stations are ‘Smart’ chargers which make their management easier. However, this is not something that a commercial property owner can manage on their own, even if they purchase smart chargers. Charge points operators (CPO), such as Hwisel, are uniquely qualified to provide charger management services from administration, billing, reporting to services.


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