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AwayR Home Secure


AwayR Intrusion Monitoring Package

$179 / $125.30

The Smarter Home Monitoring

Know if they are there!


AwayR Home Secure is part of a Revolutionary family of devices from Hwisel designed to deliver superior performance in a compact size. The AwayR device packs a multitude of sensors all working together to protect you and your home.
Unlike other solutions you only need a few devices to do the job. We recommend the following:

1. Select one(1) device if you live in an apartment, above ground, with one entrance.

2. Select two(2) devices if you live in a single-family home, or townhome, with two outside entrances.

3. For larger homes three(3) or more can be used.

The AwayR service comes with monthly monitoring, charge separately. Contact your insurer for premium adjustment or rebate. Monitoring is $5.00 per month regardless of the number of AwayR devices installed.

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Monitored Home Security

The Revolutionary New Home Security System. No other monitored solution protects your property against…

  • Intrusion
  • Property Damage
  • Undue Energy Usage
  • Protect Against Intrusion
  • Protect Against HVAC System Failure
  • Protect Against Freezing
  • Monitoring Activity In Your Home
    • Excess Or Low Humidity Levels
    • Energy Saving*2
  • Cancel Service Any Time
  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee
  • No Phone Line Required
  • No WiFi Required
  • No Cellular Network [GSM] Required
  • Not Effected By Power Failures Or Disconnected Wires

Use your mobile devices to activate your system and monitor activity. Affordable/modular-start small add additional sensors as required.


Qualifies for an insurance discount*

* After insurance discount subject to homeowner insurer qualifications
*2 Energy Savings are achieved when homeowner use the sensor data.