Note: Taxes are extra. Charger subscriptions are cancellable at any time subject to certain conditions. Please be informed that to cancel the customer must purchase the equipment and any installation associated with the Subscription Plan. The purchase amount is based on the undepreciated value of the Plan. As well, visit our Agreements page for further details.

Credit Approval:  Customers must be the homeowner of the property where the charger will be installed and, are subject to credit approval.

First-class EV Charger Specifications for the Premium ‘Better’ Plan:
Cable Length 18 Feet
Installation Type Hard Wired, Plug-In
Weather Rating Indoor, Outdoor
Charging Level Level 2 (240 V)
Output (kW) 11.5 kW
Amps (A) 48 Amps (16/32/40/48 Amp)
Volts (V) 208 Volts, 240 Volts
Networking Networked
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Mobile App Available
Manufacturer Hwisel
Discover the convenience of home charging with our Premium Smart charger, with a lifetime warranty, while you are on the plan!
The advanced charger makes charging simpler, more efficient, and cost-effective for EV drivers. Avoid public charging stations with a full battery day in and day out.  The device regulates energy consumption, lets you avoid peak times, and automatically powers within hours when the electricity provider charges less for energy.
Drive Electric. Save your time. Charge with the convenience!


$10.00 *PM
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