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Water Heater Maintenance Plan

$9.99 per month

Prevent problems before they happen with annual Tune ups and 8 point-safety checks. Our technicians will give your water heater a thorough safety inspection (including checking for hazardous carbon monoxide) and tune up your heater.



Your Water Heater Maintenance Plan includes annual maintenance visit for one Tank storage type heater. Annual preventative maintenance will ensure that you have domestic hot water when and as you need it while saving money on energy. Annual maintenance can also extend the life of your water heater saving you even more money on a replacement.

Eight diagnostic checks included in annual maintenance:

  • Check and record ambient carbon monoxide levels
  • Check operating temperatures and pressure-relief valve
  • Check area around the heater for flammable hazards
  • Clean surrounding area and ensure adequate combustion air is available.
  • Inspect burner ignitor assembly (gas heaters)
  • Drain water from heater and inspect for sediment and other debris
  • Inspect venting system (gas heaters)
  • Inspect anode for corrosion (every 2 years)