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Welcome to HWiSEL EV The Best EV Charging Solution

We have taken all the guess work out of fast charging with our turnkey charger subscription. You can choose to DIY (Do It Yourself) from a selection of quality chargers we have to offer, while you arrange the installation, permits, inspections, and operation of the charger, OR you can choose HTC (HWisel Total Care) from us for as little as $10.00 monthly.

It can be stressful enough to select the right EV, just enjoy it, and leave the charging to us. You would never think of operating a gas station so why start with an EV charger? Purchasing an electric vehicle is an investment. Skip the DIY charger and opt for a state-of-the-art charging service from HWisel.

We start with HWisel Premium ‘Smart’ charger delivering 48Amp. Depending in your needs you can add-on a ‘Life Time’ warranty, installation service, and more.  We combine this with our experience in managing IoT (Internet of Things) devices to deliver a hassle-free charging experience.

You can also consider the Versi Charge model from Siemens, a 175-year-old company known for superior quality, proven technology, and longevity. 

What You Get? HWISEL EV Charging Solution


We offer a complete package of equipment, service, monitoring without the upfront cost


At Home (Business) charging is cost effective and convenient with our fast charger


Our 24/7/365 monitoring service App, and no charge swap-out service, are there for you


Proven hardware with a 10 year track record

Simply Electric Focus on Driving! Leave the Charging for Us!

We help to build an EV Charging strategy that works best for residentialworkplace, and commercial buildings. Our mission is to walk you through the entire process as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible. We’ll handle every aspect of your electric vehicle charging integration. Consider our experts in planning, equipment supply, installation, networking, management, service, maintenance, and support. Likewise, let HWisel provide an end-to-end turn-key solution with innovative Level 2 EV chargers for your home or business today.

Our Features Why Choose HWisel EV Charging

It is crucial to do research to find the right EV charger solution that will fit your needs as well as your vehicle’s requirements. We promise you the best customized solution.


Support and service


Avoid costly Service Panel upgrade
Exclusive "HELM" System
(HWisel Electricity Load management)


24/7/365 Equipment Monitoring
SWAP-out Service
IT Tech Support
Exclusive Service App


Trained Electricians
Licensed + Insured
Charger Setup
User Training Provided

Advanced Technology

Award Winning Siemens Chargers
HWisel Fast and Smart Charging Stations
Future Proof for Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd EV.


HWisel Ev Charging App
Company Car, Service van Expense Reporting.

Simply Choose HWISEL

For centuries, the act of whistling has and remains synonymous with drawing attention. Whistle for HWisel.

Sustainable Solutions

Today when you need repair service, replacement home appliances, PV solar panels, a connected smart home, monitored IoT device, in addition to EV Charging solutions, consider HWisel as your partner.

Our Additional Key Offerings

Multi-Residential IoT

Manage costs and prevent damages
Property Damage
Risk mitigation
Condo Managers
EV Charging

Smart Connect

Integrate Smart Home devices with cutting-edge technology
Intrusion monitoring
Appliance monitoring
Life Safety monitoring
Property Damage


Plans that suit all your appliance needs
Service plans
EV Chargers
PV Solar

Appliance Service

Your Choice for on-demand professional repair services
IoT Based Service
Hwisel App
Download on Apple or Google Play

Testimonials What Our Clients Say

We take pride in serving our clients with services they require. That what our customers say about us.

Want EV Charging Start Your EV Charging Journey With HWiSEL EV


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